Monday, August 3, 2009

My Subject In This Semester.

Hi friends! In this entry, I would like to share about my subject in this semester. As I mentioned in my first entry, I'm taking Diploma In Banking in semester 3. During in this semester, I need to take 7 subjects which is included co-curriculum. Let's me explain more details about this topics.

Firstly is English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311). My respected lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan b. Ismail. Actually, he is a favourite lecturer among of students. In this subject, it focus on writing skills. Therefore, to improve our writing skills, Mr. Izuan has their own approach by teach us to create our own blog, if not until now I don't has my own blog. In this blog, we need to do our weekly assignment which is need to wrote informal essay. For me, it quite interesting because from here, all blogger can give a comment to our entry and it will improve our writing knowledge. In my opinion, he is a good lecturer because he has their own style in teaching their students and asking us to has our own blog is a great idea because it has a lot of advantages from that.

Next subject is 'Asas Ekonomi Islam' which is course code is CTU 241. My lecturer for this subject is the person who are responsible for a discipline of students in UiTM Johor. He is Ustaz Kamarulzaman b. Sulaiman. Based on my views, he always smile while teaching us. Therefore, it make me calm and comfortable during his class. Moreover, the way he teach is very simple and easy to understand. Based on what he said, it's easy for us to get 'A' in this subject as long as we follow what he need. He also very focus about the presentation because he said if we know the right way to do a presentation, it will help us in our future especially in our job.

Besides that, in this semester I also taking Fundamental of Finance (FIN 262). Actually, he is Residential Staff of Taming Sari's college. He is En. Syamsul b. Samsuddin. He look quite serious but sometimes he quite funny and sporting. This subject is studied about how the firm get the funds and how they allocate their funds. In other words this subject has a lot of calculation than theory. In addition, this subject is 4 credit hours, so it very tough and it will increase our CGPA if we can score for this subject. He also is a favourite lecturer among of students because for me, the way he teach is very clear and easy to understand even though this subject is quite tough and has a lot of calculation. He also said that easy for us to score this subject as long as we do a lot of exercise of past semester question. Therefore, it will make us familiar with final paper and it will very helpful in our final future.

Moreover, I also taking Macroeconomics (ECO 211) in this semester. This subject is about aggregate behaviour of the entire economy. Lecturer for this subject is Prof. Madya Abdullah. For the physical appearance, he look very fierce and strict person but actually after we know him very well he is sporting and funny person because he always create a joke while teaching. He also has a lot of experienced in teaching subject Economics. I'm very glad and happy to be his student in this semester because the way he explained about the topics is very clear and easy to understand even though this subject is tough and hard to understand. Besides that, he also always makes a surprise quiz, so it make us always do a revision on this subject and be more prepared on his classes. In my opinion, I'm very lucky to get him as our lecturer because he has own style in teaching that will help me to score in this subject.

Next, Introduction to Statistics which is QMT 216. Ms. Arfah bt. Ahmad is the lecturer for this subject. She is 24 years old and is a new lecturer. She started teaching in UiTM Johor on last semester. For the physical appearances, she's quite tall, thin and pretty. During her class, I don't feel bored because she always create a jokes that make me laugh and not sleepy while she teach ed. However, sometimes its quite bored to hear her explanations, maybe because she still new and don't have any experienced in teaching students but I'm really glad to be her students. For the assessment, we need to do a questionnaire and do a research about the topic that we choose which is related to statistics.

After that, is a third language subject which is Arabic language. Code for this subject is BAB 101. Lecturer that teach us on this subject is Ustaz Syazali Effendi b. Abd Wahab. He quite famous in this campus and also a favourite lecturer among of students. During his class, he love to talk and share any story either it's related in his life, campus or others. Therefore, it make me relax and not stressed during his class. Besides that, he also use a simple way in teaching by told us to remember all the words that contains in Arabic dictionary and he can ask a questions any time he want. But, if we can't answer his questions, he will do a crazy punishment that need us to stand up on table or chair, sit under table or others. So, it will make us always be prepared and not lazy to memorise all the words. This subject don't has a final but it has an assessment which is we need to acting in Arabic language at the end of our semester. In my views, by following his way, it will make us improve and can speak in Arabic very well.

In conclusion, I'm very glad and impressed to has a great lecturers in this semester. Thanks to all lecturers for the knowledge that you are given to me and I'm really appreciated it. That's all for this topic and we meet again in the next entry. Bye!


Izuan said...

I really like the way you organized this entry. You put many details about your subjects and the lecturers. Keep up the good work!

P/S: I don't think I'm a favourite lecturer because I'm a strict person.

Lyana said...

Thanks, you are favourite lecturer among of students:)