Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life Being A Senior.

Hello everybody! My topic for this week is about Being A Senior. Actually, I'm not too senior because I'm just only in Semester 3. Do you know what means of senior? In my opinion, senior is just a level for people who are elder than others. Therefore, as a junior, they need to respect their senior but it doesn't mean have a space for them to show their power by bully a junior. However, the most important is they need to respect each other to achieve harmony in life.

Now, I want to share my experience before and after being a senior in the campus. Actually, at my college has their own traditions which is called PSU "(Program Salam Ukhuwah)" especially for junior Semester 1. In this tradition, junior need to meet all senior in their wing and take their biodata. Wing is means floor for their room is located. For me, this is not a part of bully but it has their own objective which is build a strong relationship between junior and senior. Besides that, they can know each other very well. The same things I need to do when I'm in part 1. The memory that I can't forgot is before want to take their personal details, we need to follow their rules such as bring a chocolate, wear 'kain batik' and more others. But, I take it in positive side and all of this make us close with each others. Therefore, now its turn for them to take my biodata but I'm not provide any rules that can burden them, but enough as long as we can build a good relationship and know each other very well.

In my opinion, as a senior, they need to show a good example and be a role model to their junior. This is because, as a junior, they are still new in this place, so they need someone that can guide them. Therefore, in this situation, senior need to play their roles by show a good example and character to them. For instance, my relationship with my ex-roommate when I'm in part 1 are very strong and until now we are still contact each other even though she already graduated. What I want to highlight here is when we show a good character and build a strong relationship with our junior, it will continue until eternity. Therefore, when now I'm become a senior, I try to show a good example and be a role model to my roommate which is my junior, by guide her to do a right things, help her in study and give a hand when she need a help.

In conclusion, a good senior is a person that can guide and help their junior. Build a good relationship with them because it will continue until eternity. That's all for now and meet you again in my next entry. Bye!


Izuan said...

I'm glad that you have a good relationship with your juniors. I agree with what you have written in this entry.

Lyana said...

Thanks sir:)