Saturday, August 29, 2009

My New Album!

Hi to all my fans! Now, I'm come out with my new album and this is my 3rd single album. The name of this album is U & Me and it contains 10 new songs. Let's me describe more details about all songs that contains in this album.

1) 1234 (I Love You).

This song is about love which is not just fixed to a loving couple but it can be dedicate to all people around us that we love so much. Lyrics in this song is simple to understand but very meaningful. Therefore, I dedicate this song to all my fans that always support me until now.

2) I'm Yours.

Flow of this song is about a girl that really love her boyfriend. They promise to love each other until eternity. Besides that, a girl promise nothing gonna change her love to her lover and she always be his mine. So romantic!

3) Thanks Love!

This song is about a loving couple that really appreciate love that happened to both of them. Love is meaningful for them and because of love they become a loving couple that need each other in all of the time.

4) Love Story.

It is about flow of love that a loving couple occured in their life. This song is more about journey of their life when become a couple since they start couple until now. A lot of obstacle that occurs but they resolute to face all the bariers in a positive ways.

5) Sweet Dreams.

A romantic guy who never forget to wish good night and sweet dreams to his girl before going to sleep. It become his routine for every night before going to sleep and he cannot sleep if not do that.

6) Unfaithful.

This is climax of the love story because a guy is unfaithful to his girl. A guy has another girl in his life and betray to their love with his girlfriend. It very hurt for a girl to accept and hard to forget a guy because a girl shows true love to a guy but it not appreciated buy a guy and betray all their promise that he made before and easy to accept another girl in his life.

7) Bye-bye.

Flow story of this song is continous from song unfaithful. It is about a girl who left thier boyfriend because of his unfaithful. A girl is very hurt and dissapointed from what her boy did to her. She make a decision to forget her boyfriend and build a new life in a new place that can make she feel calm and forget all the past.

8) Forgive Me.

It is about a guy who realize all his mistake that he done to his girl. He really hope that his girlfriend can forgave and accept him like before. He tried to do something interesting that can make his girl to forgave all his mistakes by create a special song to his girlfriend.

9) U & Me.

This is climax of this album and it is a special song that create by a guy to his lover. This song is about true love between both of them. Lyrics in this song is very unique because it about journey of their love that contains a lot of memory between them. He hope by remind all of the memory will cure their relationship and be like before.

10) Hate But Love.

It is about a girl feelings toward her boyfriend. She really hate her boyfriend because of his unfaithfulness but in the same time she still love her boyfriend. Lastly, a girl forgave all the mistakes and accept his boyfriend but as a friend not as a couple.

That's all description about songs in my new album. I hope that you will enjoy all this songs and try go deeply through the lyrics because the lyrics is very meaningful. Don't forget to buy my new album and get the original.

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