Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life Being A Senior.

Hello everybody! My topic for this week is about Being A Senior. Actually, I'm not too senior because I'm just only in Semester 3. Do you know what means of senior? In my opinion, senior is just a level for people who are elder than others. Therefore, as a junior, they need to respect their senior but it doesn't mean have a space for them to show their power by bully a junior. However, the most important is they need to respect each other to achieve harmony in life.

Now, I want to share my experience before and after being a senior in the campus. Actually, at my college has their own traditions which is called PSU "(Program Salam Ukhuwah)" especially for junior Semester 1. In this tradition, junior need to meet all senior in their wing and take their biodata. Wing is means floor for their room is located. For me, this is not a part of bully but it has their own objective which is build a strong relationship between junior and senior. Besides that, they can know each other very well. The same things I need to do when I'm in part 1. The memory that I can't forgot is before want to take their personal details, we need to follow their rules such as bring a chocolate, wear 'kain batik' and more others. But, I take it in positive side and all of this make us close with each others. Therefore, now its turn for them to take my biodata but I'm not provide any rules that can burden them, but enough as long as we can build a good relationship and know each other very well.

In my opinion, as a senior, they need to show a good example and be a role model to their junior. This is because, as a junior, they are still new in this place, so they need someone that can guide them. Therefore, in this situation, senior need to play their roles by show a good example and character to them. For instance, my relationship with my ex-roommate when I'm in part 1 are very strong and until now we are still contact each other even though she already graduated. What I want to highlight here is when we show a good character and build a strong relationship with our junior, it will continue until eternity. Therefore, when now I'm become a senior, I try to show a good example and be a role model to my roommate which is my junior, by guide her to do a right things, help her in study and give a hand when she need a help.

In conclusion, a good senior is a person that can guide and help their junior. Build a good relationship with them because it will continue until eternity. That's all for now and meet you again in my next entry. Bye!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Roommate.

Hello everybody, we meet again! My entry before this is about myself and now I want to share with all of you about my roommate. During my previous semester, my roommate is a senior and currently my roommate is a junior. Actually, I'm a bit happy because now I'm a senior but it doesn't means that I can bully my junior. Enough about that and now we focus to my topic. My roommate's name is Norhezreen Bt. Muhammad Nodin, and I just call her Eryn. She was born on 10 December 1991 and 18 years old coming this December. Her zodiac is Sagittarius. She comes from Negeri Sembilan and lives at Felda Jelai 2, Gemas. Actually, when the first day I met her, she looks very quiet and bashful person. But after a day, she shows her true colours which is talkative, friendly and happy go lucky person, I'm very glad because I love the person who are friendly and easy going because I felt comfortable with them.

Next, we move to her favourites. Her favourite food is 'Nasi Goreng Cili Padi'. She loves to eat spicy food. Her favourite drink is mineral water. She said that plain water is good to our body because it helps to remove toxic and keep our body in good health. That's why she looks beautiful and slim. During her free time, she loves to hear music, read magazines, karaoke and shopping. Based on my views, she has a lot of shoe's collection and it means that she loves to go shopping during her free times. For entertainment, she loves to watch International movies because based on what she said that the movies gave good impact to her such as improve her language, vocabulary, and confidence to speak in front of public. 'Macam-Macam Aznil' is one of her favourite TV shows because this is a talk show program that contains an elements of spontaneous and sense of humour.

After she had finished SPM in 2008, she is a lucky person because was selected to join National Service. It takes 3 month for her to complete it and she very glad because the place is located at Melaka which is near to her house. Based on what she said, to be selected in this program is the best memory in her life and not all people can get this experience because at there, they learned how to manage M-16, cooking in the jungle, doing flying fox, wall climbing and many others. Besides that, she also has an experience working as Sales Coordinator at Sunway Piramid and Promoter at England Optical. Now, she is studying at UiTM Segamat, Johor in first semester on Diploma In Accountancy. The reason she choose this course is because she wants to achieve her ambition which is to be an Accountant. She also has her own target to continue her study until Master In Accountancy.

Next, about her family's background. Actually, she has a huge family. Her father's name is Muhamad Nodin B. Abdul Majid which is 55 years old coming this November. He works at FELDA as a Chairman of Cooperative Society. Her mother's name is Rokiah Bt. Siran. She works full time as a housewife. She has 6 siblings and she is the third. Her eldest sister had been married for 2 years and has a daughter. She works as an Accountant at UPM Serdang, Selangor.
Next, he has 1 brother that also works at UPM Serdang as an Assistant of System Analysis. Besides that, the other siblings are currently studying in primary school.

Lastly, having a roommate likes Eryn is sweetest memory in my life and I hope that Eryn will achieve her ambition and success in her life. Hopefully, next semester she's become my roommate again. InsyaAllah. See you again in the next entry. Bye!

Friday, July 10, 2009

About Me

Hello everybody! Today, I would like to share with all of you about my personal details. My name is Siti Nur Liyana bt. Shaari. I don't have any unique or special nickname and you just can call me Yana. I am 19 years old this year and I was born on 7th June 1990 at Hospital Universiti, Kuala Lumpur. My zodiac is Gemini. Based on researched that has done, characteristics for people who born in month of June are caring, honest, work hard but sometimes they tend to be very emotional and sensitive. However, this research can be believe because there are some characteristics that same with my character. In my life, I have my own Principe which is 'Nothing Is Impossible'. This word is meaningful to me because nothing is impossible for me to success in my life especially in study and achieve my ambition.

Like others, you also might have your own favourite right? I'm too. My favourite food is all food that related with soup such as 'Tomyam', 'Sup Tulang' and many others. My favourite drinks are apple juice and ice milo. For entertainment, I love to watch Harry Potter's movie because it bring me to imagination and fantasy world. Next, for the TV shows, I prefer to watch 'Anjakan Paradigma' which is introduced Dato' Dr Fadzilah Kamsah as a host. The reason I like this program because it discuss about an issues that occurs now and the way to solve it in Islamic aspect. Besides that, he also is my idol and I really love to hear his motivation and advice. Furthermore, my favourite actor is Fahrin Ahmad. The reason I choose him because for me he has a good personality, smart, handsome, talented and the most important is he success in his life which is graduated successfully in law and in his career which is in acting.

Next, I want to share about my life in campus. I'm currently studying in UiTM Segamat, Johor in third semester on Diploma In Banking. For me, this course very special and look professional. It special because subject that related in this course is balance in calculating and also in reading. Besides that, in this campus I staying at college Sempana Alam Buana which is located at Sector B. For me this college is perfect and comfortable because it contains all facility that needed by students.

Lastly, I want to share with all of you about my family background. Now, I want to story about my hero which is my dad. My father's name is Shaari b. Zakaria. Currently he is 55 years old which is born on 13th June 1954. He works at RTM Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur as an Assistant of Editing Film. As a leader in our family, he very strict, caring, responsible and very committed in what he do. Next, about princess in my life which is my lovely mother. My mother's name is Siti Fatimah bt. Kassim. She also 55 years old and was born on 15th November 1954. Currently, she works as Chief Clark at Kementerian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan, Damansara. She very caring, loving, cheerful, good in cooking and more. For me, she very perfect and the best mom in the world. I have 3 siblings which is 1 sister and 1 brother. I'm the youngest. My elder sister currently 26 years old. She works at Kelana Jaya, Selangor as a Training Executive. I very close with her because she very understanding and caring. She's also the place for me to share all my problems and she also the good listener. Next, my brother that is only boy in my siblings. He is 23 years old coming this October. He works at TNB as a Electric Technician. He very sporting, understanding, and funny. Therefore, when I see all my siblings success in their life, it will motivate me to be a successful person and I really thankful because have a good and happy family.

Monday, July 6, 2009

About Myself

My name is Siti Nur Liyana Bt Shaari. I'm 19 years old this year. I was born in 7th June 1990. I live at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Now, I study at UiTM Segamat, Johor.