Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Cheerful Classmates.

Hello to all readers! In this entry I would like to share and describe about my classmates which is D3D2. Hope you will enjoy read this entry!

D3 D2 Guys

1) Hafiz Malik.
Actually he is my classmate when I'm in Part 1 . His nickname is Bob. He live at Damansara and he has best friends in this class which is Zaki. He also very active in Irama's Club which is 'nasyid' club and became an exco for that club but not as a singer. Haha. However, he is a nice guy but quite shy with a girls.

2) Dhamiri.
We just called him Miri. He's quite unique and funny person. This is because he very love to wear a shirt that fitted with his body.

3) Afiq.
He very quiet person in the class and not a talkative person as his friends. We never talk to each other in class. So, it make difficult for me to describe more about him.

4) Zaki.
Bob's best friend. Maybe it because his house is near to each other and based on what 'Bob' said that they start closed since they was in secondary school. Besides that, I look that he very focuses in class and that's why he achieve higher pointer in final examination and get Dean List for 2 semester. Congrats Zaki and hope that you will success in your life.

5) Kashfi.
He is our class reps for subject BEL 311. All of friends just called him Kash. He quite tall and active in playing football. Some people said that he quite handsome and that's why he has a lot of secret admirer. But I feel pity for whom that were fallen in love with him because he already has a girlfriend but not in this campus.

6) Ruzaini.
Most of people called him Evra. Maybe he got this name from his senior. He is one of Commander of Fire Briged in UiTM Johor. Actually, I'm not close with him because is new in our class and for the previous semester he is D3 student. However, he is a nice guy and quite sporting person.

7) Hafiz Ahmad.
He prefered us to called him Frankie. He very weird person and shy to talk with girls. I can count how many times I talk with him at class.

8) Shukri.
Actually, he also new in our class and before this he same class with Evra. He also a commander and that's why he look so serious and hard to smile. We never talk to each other in class. But, in class I look he very quiet maybe he still new in this class and just close with Evra.

D3 D2 Girls

She is quiet person in class and has a soft voice. That's why it make trouble for people to hear what she said. She very close with Leen and they seems cannot be spread.

She only girl in our class that has a loud voice. So, it makes us clear with her explanations. She is easy going and nice person. She's not stingy and love to share her knowledge with other people. Besides that, she also is the one of my study group's members. However, I like your voice Leen!.

3) Anis.
In the class, she looks very shy and quiet person. Actually, when people know she very well, she is a funny and talkative person. She quite pretty, that's why she has secret admirer but not in this class. Hahaha. In other hand, she is a nice person and I like to friend with her.

4) Nadiah.
She is part of my study group members. She's my classmate since in Part 1. The first impression when I look at her is she look arrogant but after know her very well, she is quite funny and Islamic person. Maybe because before this she studied at Islamic school for her secondary school. Besides that, she love to sang but for me it's better for her to sang 'Nasyid' songs because it suitable with her voice.

5) Nisa.
Nisa is Pan-Asian girl that has a soft voice. Her's late father is an American. She also very quiet and shy person in the class. She love to smile even though people scolded her. Besides that, she's good in subject calculation and love to help people around her.

6) Wanie.
She is another person that very quiet in our class. But she is a smart girl because she always get higher pointer in final examination. She very love in reading subjects that require us to do an essay because she has a lot of idea to elaborate it very well. She also has a unique handwriting that I never seen before this.

7) Siti.
She's quite pretty girl in our class that's why she is belongs to someone but not in this class. She very close with Sina, Lana and Alin and they always seems together in all times. However, she is a nice and friendly person. So, it not hard for me to chat or talk with her.

8) Sina.
She came from Muar that near to Segamat. She is the cutest girl in our class and loves to eat. That's why she look chubby and very cute. In this semester, she become our class reps for most of the subject except BEL 311. Besides that, she is very responsible and dedicated person.

9) Surriyah.
I'm very close with her since in part 1. We also are staying at the same college which is Sempana Alam Buana and maybe it's makes us more closer and know each other very well. However, she looks quiet in class but after knowing her very well, actually she is talkative, love to disturb people that close with her and she is a 'crazy' person. Same as me. Hahaha. Besides that, she very humble person even though she's very smart and always help me in study. She's one of my best friend that always give me support when I'm sad. She's the truth friends.

10) Faina.
She is Ila's best friend. She also is a quiet person in our class but love to smile. She also is my classmate since in part 1. She love to sit in front during class therefore it make her very focuses and easy to understand.

11) Yana - It's me :)

12) Ita.
Actually she has twin sister but study at UiTM Kelantan in the same course. She also loves to smile and I like to see her dimple. She very close with Nadiah since they are in secondary school. In addition, she is easy- going person therefore, it makes me comfortable to friend with her.

13) Hidayah.
I'm just called her Dayah. She is talkative and friendly person. Besides that, she very committed in study and keep asking a question to a lecturer when she do not understand about the topic and it's a good way for us to success in our study. In addition, I love to friend with her because she is caring and easy-going person.

14) Lana.
She is pretty and smartest girl in our class. She also has a good personality that can attract any people to friend with her. Besides that, she is friendly and helpful person especially in study.

15) Ieyla.
In my views, she is independent and committed person. She loves green colour and most of her stuff 's colour is green. Besides that, her personality looks like a teacher. Maybe it because of the way she dress-up.

16) Shima.
She is quiet and passive person in the class. It's hard for me to describe her more details because I'm not so closed with her. However, she is a nice girl and it make me comfortable to friend with her.

17) Mira.
She is part of my study groups member. She is happy-go-lucky and easy-going person. I closed with her since we are in part 1. She love to laugh and has a loud voice that can make people around her shocked and get a heart attack. Hahahaa. However, she is one of my best friend that always besides me when I'm in happy or sad and I glad to have friend like her.

That's all description about my classmates for this semester and I would like to apologize to all of my classmates if my description may be hurts your feelings. I hope you'll enjoy read this entry. Meet you again in the next entry which a topic that quite interesting. Bye!


sue said...

Sorry.. I miss comment about you last week..

Izuan said...

Despite the grammatical errors, I love the way you described your classmates. I also learned something new about them from your entry.

Lyana said...

Thanks sir..actually this is their true characters..hehe:)