Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Subjects This Semester II

Hello to all blog readers. Hope all of you are in a good health. This is my last my assignment for subject BEL 311. In this entry I would like to share with all of you about my subject in this semester 2 which is continued from my subject in this semester 1 that is about my perceptions about all of the subject that I going trough at the end of this semester.

Firstly, subject English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311). Mr. Izuan B. Ismail is our lecturer that is responsible to our class for this semester. At the beginning of the semester I’m very shock because this subject has a lot of assignment that are given by our lecturer. We are given weekly assignment which is our blog, then we need completed all the past semester in a group and complete our term paper. Actually this is not burden to us because all of the assessment brings a mark for our final exam. Besides that, what our lecturer give us task has their own benefit to us which is all of this will help us in final paper. Through all of this gave me a lot of benefit and knowledge to do a good term paper and it will help me to do a better term paper in future final. Now, I realize all of this has their own benefit to us especially it make us doing a preparation in final. Therefore, I would like to say thanks a lot to Mr. Izuan because teach us for this semester and give us knowledge and a good ways how to do a good term paper.

Besides that, another subject that I take in this semester is Fundamental of Islamic Economics (CTU 241). Before this, Ustaz Kamarulzaman are responsible to teach this subject to our class but now has a bit changing which is Ustaz Nawawi is teach this subject to our class. For the physical appearance, he looks small and love to smile. Besides that, during his class he loves to make a joke and not to strict toward us and because of that it makes us enjoyed and very happy during his class. From what he did that, it make us really relax and enjoyed to study in that conditions without any stress. Therefore, I really loved the way he teach us even though this subject are quite bored but he has their own technique to attract us to listen and focus during his classes. In other hand, I love this subject because it focus on economics in Islamic perspective but sometimes I feel lazy to study this subject because it need us to memorize all the point that is fact. However, I should put a side that feelings and need to struggle in final exam to achieve A in this subject.

Next is a subject that brings 4 credit hours and it will increase our CGPA if we score it. The subject is Fundamental of Finance (FIN 262). This subject is teaching by En. Syamsyul B. Samsudin. His is the first lecturer that is finishing the entire syllabus early. This is because he will going to continue his study at overseas so he take an initiatives to cover all the topics early because he worried there is no new lecturer will teach us after this. It shows that he very responsible and want to make sure that all of his students understand what he teach and very sincere to give all the knowledge to us. In addition, I really love this subject because it is calculation subject and even though this subject has a lot of formula that need to remember. In final exam there is no provide for formula list like subject QMT 216. Moreover, I loves this subject because the way he teach and explain to us very clear and easy to understand and make me feel excited and interested to learn this subject. My perception toward this subject is very high and really hopes that I can score this subject at final exam.

Furthermore, subject Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216) also has a changing on their lecturer. Our new lecturer that is responsible to teach this subject to our class is En. Mohd Zaki B. Awang Chek. He very serious and strict towards his student especially during the classes. Honestly I’m very scared with him when the first day he meets us in lecture class. This is because he has a loud voice and his face look very serious. But after know him very well my perception toward him totally wrong because actually he is a good lecturer and has their own method to teach this subject effectively. The way he teach and his explanations very clear that make me understand this subject very well. In addition, he has their own initiative to make sure that all students understand this subject very well by doing additional classes at night. My first perception toward this subject is very negative. I’m really not interested to this subject maybe because on the first chapter is theory that need us to memorize it and also the way our previous lecturer teach us very fast and her explanations not clearly. However, after going through all the topics and I feel interested toward this subject because most of the topics required us to calculate and I prefer the subject that need to calculate rather that reading. Therefore, at the end of the semester I felt that this subject is interesting and hope I can score this subject at final exam.

Moreover, subject Macroeconomics (ECO 211) that teach by Prof. Madya Abdullah B. Abdul Latip is quite interesting. Maybe it because of the way he teach us by give a clear explanations that make me easy to understand it. Even though at the beginning of the semester most of my senior said that this subject is quite difficult and many students are repeat this paper but all of this not make me feel down but it give me a spirit to score this subject and want to change others perception that said this subject is difficult. In my opinion, I think that this subject is much better than Microeconomics that I have been taken when I’m in semester 2. Besides that now our lecturer becomes a Timbalan Pengarah Hal Ehwal Pelajar UiTM Johor. He will start his job on 1 November 2009. I’m very proud with him and hope he will success with his new job.

In addition, another subject that I take in this semester is Arabic Language which is the code for this subject is (BAB 101).Lecturer that is responsible to this subject is Ustaz Syazali Effendi B. Abd Wahab. As I said in the previous entry that he is a good lecturer and has their own method to teach us. After going through this subject for this semester, I can accepted and feel comforted with his way and realize that his method is very effective and it make me has a knowledge about Arabic and I can speak Arab even not to fluent but at least I has an idea to speak out. At the beginning of the semester I’m not confident to myself that I can going through this subject and feel that I can’t speak Arab. Moreover, our assessment need us to do a final project which is required us to do a movie in Arabic. It looks quite interesting but seriously it hard for us to make it because we need to speak fully in Arab. It hard for us because there is has a word that we do not know to translate it in Arab. Therefore, for a solution we ask to the person that is good in Arab, by looking at dictionary, search at Internet and more others. For me, it’s a great moment that I have and at the end of the semester I realize that all of this make me feel happy because I gain more knowledge and I feel interested to speak Arab even not too well but at least I tried it.

Lastly, my co-curriculum that is Hand Ball (HSK 114) is another subject that I take in this semester but it has no final exam. Coach for this subject is Cik Norashikin Bt. Hassan. She is one of the staff at UiTM Johor that is responsible to teach us in Hand Ball. She also has a lot of experience and knowledge about this game. Besides that this subject is just 1 credit hours and it not burden us at all. In my opinion this subject is not hard and it is a time for us to enjoy and relax from the stress. During this subject I feel very enjoy because this is the time for me to play and to release stress and also it occurs at outdoor and slightly different from other subjects that need us to focus at class. Besides that, at the end of this semester I gain more knowledge about this game even though before this I’m not interested and have knowledge about this game. In addition, I feel so happy because this is the last semester for us to take a co-curriculum and now we are graduate and success to finish all the co-curriculum from semester 1 until semester 3.

That’s all my description about subjects that I take in this semester and hope that you will enjoy read it. Besides that, thanks a lot to all my lecturer for give a knowledge to me and I would like to apologize if I had a wrong and do a mistakes that may hurt your feelings. Thanks so much. Bye!