Saturday, August 15, 2009

10 Facts About Me!

Hello to all readers! There are some several facts that anyone don’t know about me even my closest friend or my relatives. Therefore, here I want to list several facts about myself that not all knows about it.

Most of people not realize that I love to eat. Even though in physically I look small and thin, but the fact’s I like to eat. I like to eat all kinds of food whether it is spicy or not and I can finish it at all. However, when I eat a lot it doesn’t effect or increase my weight. Therefore, it not make me worry to eat a lot and I can eat without any anxious.

I’m is the person who are really loves kids a lot. Maybe it because I’m is the youngest in my family so I don’t has little brother or sister. I’m become so excited when I saw a cute and chubby kids because it makes me want to pinch their cheek. I’m feel very happy when my cousin came to my house because I can play with their children. I also will take care of them when their parents are going outstation for works. Although sometimes they make trouble to me, but I really enjoyed play with them even though it’s really tired actually.

This is one of my weakness that I can’t avoid it. I really scared at cat because I afraid that cat will scratch me when I touch it. Besides that, I don’t feel comfortable when I eat at restaurant has a cat around my leg. I really hate it and make me want to scream but I don’t do that because it makes me look so weird and will shocked people around me.

I’m very easy and like to smile to everyone even though I don’t know them. For me, when I smile it make me easy to get friends and not look arrogant. Besides that, when I smile it makes me feel happy and forget all problems and also it makes me look sweet.

If you know me deeply, you will realize that I’m a sensitive person. I’m very sensitive to all aspects that are related to me either about myself, family or friends. I’m very sensitive if people that closest with me not care or talk bad about me. In addition, I’m easy to cry even though I saw a sad movie that are not related with me or hear that someone in difficulty.

Actually, I’m very close with my family. Tag line “Family Is First” is the best way to show how close are we. For me, family is the first person that I know in this world and they always beside of me when I’m in trouble or carefree. Therefore, I’m really happy and lucky to have a great family in the word and I’m love them so much.

I’m really like sport since in primary school. I’m very active in sports especially in Athletics until in secondary school. I love to run because I felt enjoyed and freedom. Now, I’m very interested in playing bowling even I’m not too good but I can played it very well.

All people has their own opinion about music. For me, music is the best medium that can cheer up my each single day and it become compulsory for me to hear music before I sleep.I most prefer ballad and Islamic rather than rock songs because it make me feel relax and comfortable.

Now I’m realize that I’m a good listener to my siblings or my friends. This is because they will find me to share their problems and need my advice. Even though I’m not a motivator, but I’m tried to give an advice that can motivate them and make them not feel down. I will put myself in their shoes so I will feel deeply what they are felt. Besides that, I also need them as a place for I share all my problems and get advice from them. In conclusion, we are need each other to achieve harmony in our life.

I’m not sure people realize whether it is true or not. For me I’m is communicative and friendly person because it easy for me to talk with everyone even I don’t know them. Besides that, it easy for me to start communicate to everyone and I don’t feel shy to started it. Furthermore, be a communicative person will make us be friendly and easier to get a lot of friends.
That's all facts about me. Meet you again in the next entry. Bye!

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